Adult Clubs

It’s all about entertainment in these venues. Deep rich colors for atmosphere, full even sound coverage, cutting edge video systems all seamlessly intergarted to meet your every need.

Addressing the Needs
of Adult Clubs

Sound Stage Systems has over four decades of experience creating sexy sound lighting and video systems that will put your girls center stage.

We understand the basic needs of adult club lighting systems as well as enhancing visual details that captivate and draw the attention of your clientele. Our team also knows how to design and tailor a wide variety of equipment packages for common adult club needs, including enhanced stage lighting, architainment lighting, immersive sound systems, and vivid video systems. Whether we’re designing and installing special lighting effects for the stage, the bar, or a private lounge, Sound Stage Systems helps clients achieve the best in audiovisual performance.

Financing for the Best AV Systems

Regardless of the size or the scale of your project, Sound Stage Systems features dependable audiovisual solutions that are designed to help adult club owners build the perfect experience for their patrons. Our team also offers competitive financing to accommodate any budget. Our leasing options give adult clubs the freedom to get the audiovisual systems they need without the unnecessary hassle of repeated loan processing. We also offer you the option to buy your audiovisual equipment at the end of the convenient leasing process. Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we can do for your adult club.