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Sound Stage Systems

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Sound Stage Systems can completely transform the ambiance of any nightclub, restaurant, bar, or adult club with state-of-the-art sound, lighting and video systems.
We are the proud creators of some of the most popular and successful entertainment venues in the country. Let’s add yours to the list!
Sound Stage Systems offers audiovisual system design, installation and service nationwide.

Sound Stage Systems

Achieving pinnacle performance and an enveloping atmosphere through our industry-leading sound, lighting, and video systems.

State-of-the-Art Audiovisual Systems

Sound Stage Systems is a premiere commercial audiovisual company serving businesses across the country. From sound, Lighting & video systems we're here to give your venue or business an unrivaled audiovisual system. It starts with a design strategy that encompasses every aspect of your space and ends with a completely immersive experience that’s sure to entrance and impress guests.

Serving Many Markets

Nationwide chains, including restaurants, themed restaurants, nightclubs, adult clubs, and bars all come to us for the market’s latest and best audiovisual solutions. More than sales and installation, Sound Stage Systems also provides maintenance options for every project. Our commercial audiovisual company is full of specialists in the field. We know how to bring new life to older systems or optimize the newest lighting, video, and sound options to perform at their best.

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System Financing Available

Does your business need a new AV system but you can’t quite afford it? With competitively-priced financing and equipment leasing through Sound Stage Systems, you can get the system of your dreams without having to make a large purchase payment.